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Hello, my name is Derek Williams. I am a UX Designer with YEARS ACTIVE+ years in the Web Design Industry.


About Me

person_addAbout Derek Williams

I have been practicing professional design since 2004, fueled by a passion for the work. I pride myself on my ability to conceptualize ideas and collaborate with other creatives to bring them to life. I believe that design, when done correctly, can inspire reactions and reach consumers. I am self-motivated and always learning, with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Middle Tennessee State in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I greatly value my time and enriched experience at this prestigious design school. MTSU served as a great catalyst to my success. I have developed my skills from four highly trained professors, and I am truly grateful for their knowledge. Thank you, Professors Seth Johnson, Noel Lorson, Christie Nuell, and Barry Buxkamper.

After graduating, I landed my first design job at Blue Tractor Design Firm in Nashville, TN. I learned so much during my time here. The owner, John Thomas, gave me several opportunities to hone my design skills. He provided me with a wealth of design knowledge and information that helped me take my skill set to the next level Without John taking a chance on a recent, new-to-the-biz grad, I would not possess the skills that I have today. After my time at Blue Tractor Design Firm, I accepted a job at Media General in Richmond, VA. At Media General, I design several online advertising campaigns for clients around the country. This environment gave me a chance to grow further as a designer over the course of three years. In an effort to pivot even more into the digital landscape, I next took a User Interface Design position at Capital One, where I am an intricate player on a very talented web design team.

At heart I will always be an artist, so for fun, I enjoy painting and screen printing. I am interested in learning more about the latest trends in the industry, so I can stay current with design styles, code and best practices. I firmly believe that, nowadays, it’s not enough for a brand to show up with an online presence. Digital design is all about bringing the right people to the right place at the right time, and it’s my job to create an experience that’s aesthetically impressive, easy for the user and memorable.


Bachelors in Fine Arts (Graphic Design)
Middle Tennessee State University
1301 East Main St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

workWork Experience


Gulp, Bower, Git Hub, Adobe Creative Suite, Sublime Text, Sketch 3, Invision App, Flinto, Wordpress, Keynote, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Quark QuarkXPress, Apple Final Cut Pro,


Bootstrap, Compass, AngularJS, Google Web Starter Kit, Wordpress, NodeJs, Material Design Language(MDL),

Programing Languages

html 5, javascript, CSS3, SASS, jQuery,

Design Medium

Print, Package, interactive, process, User Experience,


important_devicesWeb Design

Now more than ever, the Web is the premier place to communicate your unique message. I have more than a decade of experience in web design and have witnessed the changing trends in these pivotal past few years. Whether you need a fully integrated website, some online marketing materials, or anything design-savvy in between, I have the knowledge and skills to execute this ideas.

wallpaperPrint Design

Although print design has taken a back seat to web design, it is still very important in promoting your brand. I have an appreciation for the platform of print because of my rich experience with Media General. I can create print pieces that are not only effective but also pop on the page so the recipient wants to read it.

chat_bubbleDesign/Marketing Consulting

Starting a new business? Want to know what you need to do to promote your business? I offer Design and Marketing Consulting, including full-service design solutions to get your venture off the ground and growing. I factor in your market area, target audience, budget, and product. Then I research design trends in your business field and provide an educated course of action tailored to your ideal trajectory.

codeWeb Mastering

Are you having trouble maintaining your website? Is your time a little tight? I offer Web Mastering for a monthly fee. This includes updating content, optimizing performance and ensuring everything is running smoothly.